Klaus Wunderlich Photographs (Informal)
Klaus was a very keen photographer and took the framed portrait of his wife Edeltraud back in the late 1970s. The original coloured photographic dyes have faded over the years, but with a little computer restoration its been possible to retain some lovely muted colours. The monochrome one was taken by his close friend Werner Kohlhammer in 1985.

The Hammond M3 was used in the restaurant “Nassauer Keller” in Nürnberg and Klaus played there in the 1960s from time to time on this organ. The organ is from 1959 and was built in Norderstedt near Hamburg. Additionally Klaus made slight modifications by building an electronic filter box, and although the organ is not working at the moment it will be restored to full order and form part of a collection of Wersi instruments owned by Florian Hutter, who kindly supplied the two photos.

The Oil On Canvas portrait of Klaus was painted by Joan Goodwin and photographed By Werner Kohlhammer.
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