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Every so often rare items associated with Klaus Wunderlich come to the surface: two of them being seen now for the first time in nearly 40 years. How did this come about? In February my wife and I were interviewed for the forthcoming video.

Knowing that she had taken some 8mm film during her early days as Secretary of the KWAS, it was first a question of finding it: secondly was it still viewable and lastly, how many people still have an 8mm machine to project it! To the rescue came the Producer of the video, Jesper Bonde Hansen who knew just the right people to contact, and what you see now are restored copies, with added soundtracks. The organ in the video has been identified as a Hammond X5 with a Rhythm Ace.

The documentary film “Wunderlich - The Pied Piper of the Organ” is directed by Claus Lund and Jesper Bonde Hansen and produced by Duke Denver Film. It tells the story of the German Hammond and Wersi organist Klaus Wunderlich. Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, Klaus had many followers who tried to copy his sound, and he sold more than 20 million records. The film will tell the story of the man and the artist, and also appearing in the production are Franz Lambert, Claudia Hirschfeld, Mark Whale and Hady Wolff.
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Ever since he passed away fans and enthusiasts have wanted to know just which of all recordings his 15 Awards were presented to him for. After considerable investigative research and careful study of the only complete set of Award photos, this video offers most of the answers, for the very first time.

The list is not 100% complete for reasons stated, but in the next 20 minutes you will undoubtedly enjoy pictures and music that you have never seen or heard before… and perhaps obtain the answers you have always wanted. Please enjoy…
Once again the KWAS Secretary put her 8mm camera to good use. This time the occasion was a visit to a Manchester store. Never let it be said that Klaus did not have a sense of humour. Additional shots taken on that occasion can be found on the KWAS section of our photos page.
This page will also reveal the discovery of several boxes of his private recordings, and the efforts to try and interest a UK Record label into their release. As they say ‘watch this space’.

Finally, if you happen to have any amateur film of Klaus, and you are the copyright holder and would like to see it on this page, then please get in touch.
Tribute Video by Alan Ashton
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Radio Interview
This 13 minute audio interview was made on September 27th 1981 as part of the "Pedal, Percussion & Pipes" series by Alan Ashton. It was the first full length radio interview Klaus Wunderlich gave in the UK. At the time, he was on a private visit and did not play any concerts. Click the PLAY icon on the bar to play.
This interview is copyright and may not be copied or used without permission.
Wunderlich - The Pied Piper of the Organ Documentary Header
Wunderlich - The Pied Piper of the Organ Documentary Poster
Advertising poster for the forthcoming documentary.
Jesper Bonde Hansen-Claus Lunde-Dorothy-Alan-Ashton
(Left to Right): Alan & Dorothy Ashton with Claus Lund & Jesper Bonde Hansen.
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