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7” EP disc speed was set at 45rpm but in some instances 7” EPs at the speed of 33 1⁄3 rpm were used in order to give longer running time commensurate with the required number of tracks. Teldec released a regular Newsletter for all the sales people in record stores under the title of “KLINGENDE POST” and each edition contained examples from forthcoming releases utilising both speed formats. These recordings were not available to the general public, but there are instances of similar ‘sampler’ type discs being inserted into commercial magazines. Radio Stations were often targeted especially if Klaus was on tour and scheduled to appear in their locale. Examples here include one for his 1984 tour (Alan Brettwood collection) and another specifically allied to TV stations (Florian Hutter collection) During the concept of his New Pop Organ Sound, Klaus produced a special EP in which explains the story of how he will now produce all future recordings with this sound. Spoken throughout by him in German it was perhaps somewhat limited in its usage outside of the Country, but shown is one survivor from an English radio station. (Dorothy Ashton collection).