Box Sets

Box sets

Readers Digest made famous the availability of boxed sets and in the main they comprised of recordings by the original artists, either in LP or cassette format...and sometimes released in both simultaneously. Klaus Wunderlich tracks were featured on a number of these productions and in one known rare instance the entire set was devoted to his Hammond organ releases, albeit released in Taiwan! There are a number of his releases in cassette format and these are shown in that category. 2001 saw the first ever CD boxed set of 3 recordings released (Bell Musik label) but it’s rare to still find them offered for sale in this format: most having been sold as separate CDs. To this day some of his releases on the 8 track format can still be found for sale on EBay. 8-track tape format, regarded as an obsolete technology, was created in 1964 and lasted to the late 1970s when the Compact Cassette format took over.