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Some of his earliest compositions can be found in a series of music books HAMMOND ORGAN MELODIEN which he shares with German pianist Erich Sendel, himself a Hammond organist, music arranger, freelancer & later music Director for Ariola Records. See illustration 1 & 2. There was another series of 5 Austrian publications by the Weltemusic Company produced between 1964 -1972. None of the compositions were ever recorded by the artist, but some of the titles display his quirky sense of humour. For instance.....C Bra / Ges-Stapo / Interme-zoo and As-pirin. See illustrations 3 - 5.

In 1975 he published the first of 3 original music books which were inserted within the special LP sleeves. Amazingly these were priced at just £3.99. In later years MSS Studios reprinted 2 of the music books as Volumes 3 & 8 in their Key Expressions for organ series. These reprints, whilst not being in the original 12" x 12" format, are regrettably no longer available. See illustrations 6A & 7A. The last publication in association with an LP was in 1982 for Wersi. The impression given is of Klaus as a music Tutor with an attractive pupil. It has often been thought that (a) the pupil was his wife: it is / was not and (b) the sight of a Revox tape recorder and speakers in the background was that it was his home/studio. It is neither! See illustration 8.

Also produced under his own name there was KLAUS WUNDERLICH SPECIAL FOR ORGAN. Catalogue Number 138600 published by UFA (UfatonVerlag) Berlin, Munchen, which features arrangements of / HONEYSUCKLE ROSE /MIDNIGHT BLUES / O MEIN PAPA / JALOUSIE and others. See illustration 9.

STRANGE ENLIGHTENMENT was a book written and published by Klaus based on his trips to India and the effects this had on his life.

A TRIBUTE TO KLAUS WUNDERLICH by Rita M. Solly who also painted the picture on the front cover. It is dated 1994. In 2016 a used paperback copy was on offer on Amazon at £82.25…..which I suggest might well have been the entire cost of the print run of this 40 page self-published privately printed book! The content seems to be centered on the Solly family and their love of the artist and his music. In an interview I asked Klaus for his comments on the publication and he dismissed my question with a wave of his hands and a shake of his head!

The most recent book, or to be precise 108 page Manual, is the plain looking undated one, kindly sent in by Mr Barrie Doney, which Klaus wrote in order to assist purchasers of Wersi organs to get to grips with some of the finer points of registration and setting up of certain models. The manual is written in English. The back page indicates his address at the time of publication.