EP Singles

From little acorns…

The earliest Klaus Wunderlich recordings were in the popular EP 45rpm format, either as 45 singles or 45 extended play. Many of the examples in this section are copies from his personal collection. On occasions copies could be found where the music content was identical, but for some reason parts of the art-work / colours had been changed, and once he began to become famous a lot of the EP tracks were then re-issued to appear on the popular LP format. Such is evident in all cases with the recordings made in the company of Hubert Deuringer [B:1924 – D:2014] where both MONO [UX number] and later STEREO [SUX number] versions appeared. In many cases ‘stock library’ shots were used to illustrate the front covers, and if you compare ABENDS IN DER TAVERNE [Dinner in the Tavern ] and KLAUS WUNDERLICH HIT PARADE & TWIST-MADISON - BOSSANOVA, you can see that the lady in the green dress appears in all!.

A more recent example (from the Alan Brettwood collection) is a recording by the Nilsen Brothers, a popular German vocal trio, on which Klaus is not only the arranger of the tune, but plays Hammond accompaniment. Also from the same collection is HAMMOND SENSATION (3). This EP was coupled with CUBAN HAMMOND – DELICADO and released in Canada. As there has been an interest in the actual sleeve notes of some early recordings, these have now been added where available, and in some cases there is basic translation of the original German title. Release dates are shown where known, but some of these may not be correct as various Web pages seem to differ.