LPs & CDs 1990-2012

Final years

The early 90s saw Telefunken ceasing to release LP versions of most of their artists, although in the case of A TRIBUTE TO FRANK SINATRA the original release was both as an LP and cassette, but with a CD version a year later. The TRIBUTE TO LENNON & McCARTNEY CD has to be the most un-inspiring cover of his entire output! Wunderlich recordings were still being made and released under licence by the London based Connoisseur Record label [Pre-fix NSP] and the German label East West Records [Pre-fix EWR] but Klaus sensed that music tastes were changing and in view of that he decided to control his own record distribution. It was a short lived venture. Additionally he took the decision that the Klaus Wunderlich Appreciation Society should cease, and ordered this to be so with a personal letter to all the remaining members. He was to commercially release only one more CD: KLAUS WUNDERLICH SPECIAL in 1996 before his sudden passing 12 months later.

The specially generated picture on this CD indicates his penchant for computer design. The decade ended with a special deal being struck with Bell Musik [Germany] which commenced with CONCERTO GROSSO: a private recording originally only intended as a gift to friends, being commercially released with the original SPECIAL reinstated title. His only ever Boxed Set comprises of images Gen – 2001 3a/b/c. In the early Bell Musik re-issue compilations, there are a number of instances where an LP title has been used, but the contents are not necessarily those that formed part of the original recording(s) Most confusing. However there are instances where complete LP copies have been re-issued as in Gen 1992 – 2 / 1995 – 5 / 2000 – 1 / 2000 – 3 and 2001 -3a & 3c. Klaus was a prolific composer and Gen 2010 – 1 comprises of two complete CDs showcasing the greater majority of them. In 2012 a collection of tracks from his early Pops series was released with the title MAESTRO, but a year later Bell Musik announced they would not be releasing any more recordings and went into liquidation in 2015.