LPs 1959-1969

Look out world, here I come

In presenting this collection of iconic covers there is no suggestion that this is a complete list or that all the following information is 100% correct. Without the very person they honour to confirm, deny or comment upon, (which I assure you he would have done!) at best some of the information is based upon assumption. This applies in particular to release dates in the early years, because back then there was no requirement to place such information on recordings.

In the few privileged letters and conversations that I had with Klaus I was able to glean certain information about specific releases. For instance HAMMOND FOR LOVERS. Klaus did not approve of this release because the tracks are all taken from his early EPs and given to a Telefunken Studio engineer who combined them into 2 complete medleys: one on either side of the disc. Thus the listener is presented with a disparate selection of tunes with the editing together being quite noticeable in places. The EPs now have a new category of their own.

His early recording years are full of alternate sleeve designs, some of which were made especially for the Country in which they were released. It is thought that when he suddenly became famous outside of Germany, and in particular in England, the Telefunken publicity ‘machine’ realised that sleeve notes had to be re-written for the UK market, and with them often came different cover designs: HAMMOND SENSATION & OPERA HAPPENING are but just to examples. Perhaps the most interesting sleeve is the one credited to Chris Waxman. Decca Records UK believed that an artist with a German name might not be good for sales and so for the one and only time Chris Waxman was born! All future releases carried his rightful name. The alternate sleeve designs are now contained in a new category, and I leave you to make up your own minds as to which you prefer.